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I really want to see Harry or Niall date a fan. And I don’t mean a celebrity who says she’s a fan, like Demi or Alli Simpson. I mean a REAL fan, one who spends her free time tweeting and blogging about our boys, one who stays up all night waiting for their songs to come out, one who stays up watching them do twitcams, one who has learned to love every single aspect of them. I feel like it would be more real, more romantic. I always see celebrities date one another, and how much does it last? They end up divorcing within 2 years. I want Harry and Niall to date a fan, because I feel like it would last longer. I feel like a fan could make Harry and Niall genuinely happy, because we know exactly what makes them smile, angry, annoyed…we know them.

“mmm yeah… about that…”

i would gladly fill that role

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